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Metaphysical meaning of Paran (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Paran (mbd)
Paran, pa'-ran (Heb.)--region of caverns; places of caves; region of lurking places; place of much digging; region of searching.

The wilderness, or desert, between Sinai and Canaan. Ishmael dwelt there (Gen. 21:21). Paran was the scene of much of the wanderings of the Children of Israel while they were on their way to the Promised Land (Num. 10:12; 12:16). In Deuteronomy 33:2 and Habakkuk 3:3 we read of "mount Paran."

Meta. The multitude of seemingly confused and undisciplined thoughts of the subconscious mind (place of caves region of -caverns); also a place or period of much earnest searching after Truth. This searching occurs when one is becoming sufficiently established in the good, or is entering into the conscious understanding and dominion that are necessary, to possess the land--begin the real upliftment and redemption of the organism (place of much digging, region of searching; the great wilderness in which the Israelites wandered for thirty-eight years after leaving Sinai and before passing over into Canaan).

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