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Metaphysical meaning of Paddan-aram (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Paddan-aram (mbd)
Paddan-aram (A.V., Padan-aram), pad'-dan-a'-ram (Heb.)--plain of Aram; a plain of Syria; plateau of Syria; tableland of Aram.

The name of the country where Laban lived, and where Isaac and Jacob obtained their wives. It refers to the plain or tillable part of Aram-naharaim or Mesopotamia, in distinction from the mountainous part (Gen. 25:20; 28:2-7).

Meta. Substance lifted to a broad, level place (plain of Aram, plain of Syria) in the intellectual thought of the individual. (Land refers to substance, and Aram symbolizes the intellect. A plain or table-land is a level tract of land. See PADDAN and MESOPOTAMIA.)

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