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Metaphysical meaning of Oboth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Oboth (mbd)
Oboth, o'-both (Heb.)--waterskins; leather bottles; hollow skins; ventriloquists; divining spirits; necromancers.

A place where the Children of Israel camped when in the wilderness (Num. 21:10).

Meta. A realization by the higher ideals of the individual (Israelites) that the cleansing water of denial, or the power to cleanse the consciousness and the body through denials, lies within his organism. In other words, cleansing comes from within, and not from without (waterskins, leather bottles; the skins and bottles referring to the body, and water to the cleansing quality of denials of error).

Oboth also seems to convey the idea of deception, of psychic development and expression instead of that truly spiritual and a seeking to counterfeit the work of Spirit (hollow skins, ventriloquists, divining spirits, necromancers).

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