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Metaphysical meaning of Nun (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nun (mbd)
Nun (in A.V., I Chronicles 7:27, Non), nun (Heb.)--spreading abroad; becoming extended; prolific; continuous; posterity; eternal increase; interpenetrating all; fish.

Father of Joshua (Exod. 33:11).

Meta. Nun, father of Joshua (Josh. 1:1) , belongs to the tribe of Ephraim (will). The name Joshua, identical with the name Jesus, signifies "I am savior.” Joshua is the directive general of the law. The I AM asserts its leadership based upon its understanding of divine law. Nun signifies the great and continuous increase of Truth, of spiritual ideas (spreading abroad, prolific, continuous posterity, eternal increase, interpenetrating all, fish), in the consciousness of the individual who opens his heart and mind to the Truth and wills to do the will of God, to keep the divine law.

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