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Metaphysical meaning of Nophah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nophah (mbd)
Nophah, no'-phah (Heb.)--puffing; blowing; blustering; breathing out; expiring; inspiring; breathing; a windy place.

A place in Moab (Num. 21:30).

Meta. The personal mind (Moab), which is often boastful, noisy, showy, explosive, tempestuous, yet is empty of real Truth and power (puffing, blowing, blustering, a windy place). Back of this phase of the carnal mind that Nophah represents is the very breath of life (Nophah comes from the same root as that used in Genesis 2:7, in connection with the "breath of life"). Under spiritual understanding and direction the expression will take on a very different aspect.

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