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Metaphysical meaning of Nicolaus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nicolaus (mbd)
Nicolaus (A.V., Nicolas), nic'-o-la'-us (Gk.)--conqueror of the people; victor of the people; victory of the people; overcoming the people; consuming the people; destruction of the people.

"A proselyte of Antioch," one of the seven men who were appointed by the Christians at Jerusalem to attend to the daily apportionment of provisions, that none of the widows might be overlooked (Acts 6:5).

Meta. We understand Antioch to represent formulated theology. Nicolaus, a proselyte of Antioch, and meaning conqueror of the people, victory of the people, would have some such significance as Nicodemus. (See NICODEMUS.) While this popular and established formal idea of religion that has been dominant in the consciousness has, in Nicolaus, turned to the higher Christ faith and ideals, yet unless it gets fully away from its old, formal, inherited religious beliefs it could be the promulgator of mixed thoughts whose tendency is to consume and destroy (consuming the people, destruction of the people). It would all depend on how fully the thought that Nicolaus represents has been lifted into the true Christ understanding and expression. According to the text, Nicolaus was a man of good report, full of Spirit and of wisdom (Acts 6:3-6).

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