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Metaphysical meaning of Nekoda (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nekoda (mbd)
Nekoda, ne-ko'-då (Heb.)--pierced; marked; selected; separated; set apart; distinguished; celebrated; famous; shepherd; herdsman.

a His "children" were among the Nethinim who returned to Jerusalem from the Captivity (Ezra 2:48). b Another Nekoda is mentioned in Ezra 2:60; six hundred and fifty-two of his descendants were among those who returned from the captivity but could not show their genealogy so as to prove that they were of Israel.

Meta. Thought activities, whose office in the organism is to shepherd the sheep--guide, protect, and feed one's thoughts--to care for the herds, or animal forces (herdsman). These thought activities are, or should be, of a high, devout, spiritual character (selected, set apart, distinguished, famous), but here they are more of the outer, somewhat inspired intellect than of Spirit (their descendants were Nethinim (bond servants in the Temple) and among those who could not show that they were of Israel--real, true, spiritual thoughts).

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