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Metaphysical meaning of Nehushta (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nehushta (mbd)
Nehushta, ne-hush'-tå (Heb.)--brass; brazen; brazen serpent; bright; basis; foundation; support.

Daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem, and mother of Jehoiachin, king of Judah (II Kings 24:8).

Meta. A firmness, unyieldingness, and strength of purpose (brass, brazen), established in the soul. This is a basis, foundation, and support for the working of Jehovah, I AM, in individual consciousness to establish the will in spiritual strength, assurance, faith, and understanding. (See ELNATHAN, father of Nehushta, and JEHOIACHIN, her son.) Jehoiachin did not bear out in his acts that which his name implies. Even so, there is in that which Nehushta signifies a tendency to carnal-sense wisdom (brazen serpent), a suggestion of hardness, obstinacy, and presumption (brass, brazen) that must be eliminated before all the good that Nehushta stands for can be realized.

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