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Metaphysical meaning of Nebushazban (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nebushazban (mbd)
Nebushazban (A.V., Nebushasban), neb-u-shaz'-ban (Heb. fr. Chald.)--Nebo saves me; favorable to Mercury; adherent of Nebo; whom interpretation sets free; favorable speech.

One of the chief officers of the king of Babylon, who was sent to take Jeremiah out of prison (Jer. 39:13).

Meta. A degree of understanding (Nebo saves me, favorable speech) that acts as the executive power of the human will (king of Babylon) in setting free our spiritual faith (whom interpretation sets free), or that in U9 which intuitively discerns the divine law and seeks to have it obeyed (Jeremiah). (See NEBO.)

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