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Metaphysical meaning of Boaz (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Boaz (mbd)
Boaz (A. V., Booz, Matt. 1:5 and Luke 3: 32), bo'-az (Heb.)--alacrity; quickness; fleetness; in strength; in might; in power.

a A very wealthy man of Bethlehem, of the tribe of Judah; he married Ruth and became the great-grandfather of David (Ruth 2:1). b The left pillar at the porch of the Temple (I Kings 7:21).

Meta. The cheerful willingness, promptness, and quickness of action, also richness and power of thought, and strength of character (quickness, fleetness, alacrity, strength, lovely), that when established in substance (Bethlehem, house of bread) and allied with the love of the natural man (Ruth) open the way for the birth of the Christ into consciousness. (David, the great-grandson of Boaz, is a type of Christ.)

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