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Metaphysical meaning of Michmas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Michmas (mbd)
Michmas, mich'-mas (Heb.)--treasure house,; place of concealment; something hidden; hidden treasure; place of Chemosh.

A city of Benjamin (Ezra 2:27). It is called Michmash in I Samuel 13:5, Nehemiah 11:31, and Isaiah 10:28.

Meta. Chemosh was a national god of the Moabites, and signifies lustful desire. (See CHEMOSH.) It was at Michmash that the Philistines encamped when they came up to fight against Israel and Saul (I Sam. 13:5); and, according to Isaiah 10:28, the Assyrian stored his baggage at Michmash when he came against Israel. Michmas, or Michmash, therefore, place of Chemosh, a city of Benjamin, must represent a group of thoughts situated in the vital forces of the individual, its ruling quality being an active faith (Benjamin) or assurance that one can have whatever one desires. There the outer, unawakened intellectual and sense consciousness (the Assyrians and the Philistines) gather to bring about the fulfillment of the carnal and personal selfish desires of the individual in opposition to the higher and more spiritual requirements of the man (Israel).

From the foregoing, and from other definitions of Michmas, we perceive that the innate vital force in man, and his natural faith in all-possibility of good, which are at first secret and hidden, are a real treasure house to him as he learns to understand and use them for his true spiritual unfoldment and attainment.

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