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Metaphysical meaning of Mesha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mesha (mbd)
Mesha, me'-shå (Heb.)--harvest of spiritual fruits; heaped-up fullness of being; refuge; withdrawal; departure; deliverance; salvation; freedom.

a A place named as being on the border of the land occupied by the descendants of Joktan (Gen. 10:30). b A king of Moab who was a sheepmaster and paid tribute to the king of Israel in great numbers of lambs, rams, and wool (II Kings 3:4, with marginal note). c The name of two Israelites, one of Judah and one of Benjamin (I Chron. 2:42; 8:9).

Meta. The freeing (deliverance, freedom) of the inner life forces of the organism from the dominion of carnal thought (Moab), by means of praise and prayer (Judah) and an active faith (Benjamin), thus raising them to higher and more spiritual expression (salvation).

Mesha, king of Moab, was a sheepmaster, and gave tribute to the king of Israel in sheep, rams, and wool. This shows that the inner meaning of this name has to do with the pure natural life forces of the organism (sheep); also with substance (wool) that has been under the dominion of the ruling thought of the carnal mind (king of Moab). The definitions of the name, and the fact that it belonged to a man of Judah and one of Benjamin, point to the upliftment and redemption of this state of consciousness and its abundant fruit of good (harvest of spiritual fruits, heaped-up fullness of being).

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