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Metaphysical meaning of Meonenim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Meonenim (mbd)
Meonenim, me-on'-e-nim (Heb.)--beclouded; covered over; covert; overcast; darkened; hidden, wizards; soothsayers; sorcerers; magicians; enchanters; occultists.

A plain or place in Ephraim near Shechem. The "oak of Meonenim" is mentioned in Judges 9:37 as the way by which one of Abimelech's companies of men came down to fight against Shechem.

Meta. That in the consciousness of the individual which attributes great strength and power to divination, to the psychic ability to foretell events, to tell fortunes, and to predict things that are coming to pass (soothsayers, wizards, enchanters).

While education and true spiritual understanding are getting the race as a whole farther and farther away from belief in such things as sorcery, every one finds at a certain stage of his unfoldment that there is in his consciousness more or less of a superstitious belief in "fate," "luck," the power of some persons to predict things for others and even to place a curse upon others. This belief must be dealt with in the light of the Holy Spirit and put away, that one may become fully alive to the real truth, which is that man is not subject to any kind of fate, prediction, or error, but has the power through his own I AM dominion, his indwelling Christ, to make his life what he will and to change the course of events in it as he will.

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