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Metaphysical meaning of Mattaniah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mattaniah (mbd)
Mattaniah, mat-ta-ni'-ah (Heb.)--gift of Jehovah; donation of Jah; present of Jehovah.

a The former name of Zedekiah, king of Judah (II Kings 24:17). b There were several others by this name, mostly Levites (I Chron. 25:4; II Chron. 29:13; Ezra 10:26, 27, 30; Neh. 11:17).

Meta. The perception, by the ruling thought of the higher consciousness in man and by other thoughts in this consciousness (one who became king of Judah, and other Israelites), of the grace of God, or the possibilities of attainment that the individual has through Christ (gift of Jehovah).

At this Mattaniah, or Zedekiah, stage of unfoldment, the individual does not seem to understand the necessity for being ing obedient to divine law. He perceives and expects God's blessings, all good, but does not realize the necessity for his being obedient to the good in order to reap good. (This seemed to be the trouble with Zedekiah and the people of Judah in his time. They wanted prophets to prophesy good to them while they went on in their wicked and unbelieving ways; thus they became very bitter against Jeremiah, who tried to show them the inevitable result of their transgressions of divine law.)

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