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Metaphysical meaning of Matrites (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Matrites (mbd)
Matrites (A. V., Matri), mat'-rites (fr. Heb.)--rain of Jehovah, Jah is the objective; Jehovah is the mark; Jah is a watchtower; Jah is watching.

The family of the tribe of Benjamin to which Saul, the son of Kish, and first king of Israel, belonged (I Sam. 10:21).

Meta. Matrites (rain of Jehovah) pertains to showers of blessings, the result of working in harmony with divine law. Matrites also denotes a group of thoughts in the active faith consciousness in man (Benjamin) that is awake to the fact that Jehovah, the indwelling Christ or Father, is ever watching over, guarding, and caring for His own, is attentive to one's every need. This group of thoughts is seeking perfection through I AM (Jehovah is the objective, Jehovah is the mark).

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