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Metaphysical meaning of Machbannai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Machbannai (mbd)
Machbannai (A. V., Machbanai), mach'-ban-nai (Heb.)--what like my son?; stout; thick; fat; cloak of Jah; chain of Jah.

A Gadite, a mighty man of valor, who joined David in his stronghold in the wilderness and became one of his captains (I Chron. 12:13).

Meta. A thought of power, in consciousness (a Gadite, a mighty man of valor). Though somewhat material in character as yet (fat, thick), it takes refuge in Jehovah, I AM, and is firm and strong (cloak of Jah, stout, chain of Jah). Thus turned to Truth, it unifies itself with love (David) and aids in establishing the dominion of love in consciousness. (Machbannai helped to protect David and to make him king of Israel.)

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