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Metaphysical meaning of Machbena (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Machbena (mbd)
Machbena (A. V., Machbenah), mach'-be-nå (Heb.)--pallium; cloak; cowl; mantle; knob; lump; hump; hillock.

Either a son of Sheva, of the tribe of Judah, or a place founded by him (I Chron. 2:49).

Meta. Ideas of substance somewhat exalted in character, but irregular, not equalized in consciousness or really established in right relation at this stage of individual unfoldment (lump, knob, hump, hillock). These ideas serve as a cloak, or covering to the consciousness, while true equilibrium, order, the perfect rounding out of substance and of Truth, is being established.

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