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Metaphysical meaning of Lysias (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lysias (mbd)
Lysias, lys'-i-as (Gk.)--loosening; dissolving; relaxing; breaking bonds; freeing; liberating.

Claudius Lysias was the chief captain of the Roman guard at Jerusalem. He took Paul from the mob of Jews who were trying to kill him because of his preaching the gospel of Christ. Lysias sent Paul to the Roman governor, Felix, at C├Žsarea (Acts 23:26; 24:22).

Meta. A phase of the outer, intellectual, sense will (chief captain of the Roman guard in Jerusalem) in a relaxing, letting-go (liberating, dissolving) attitude. This comes about by the will's contact with the spiritual peace center in consciousness (Jerusalem). The result of this attitude of the outer will, which is seemingly in command here, is that the word of Truth (Paul) is released from one's old, fixed, formal, narrow religious thoughts that are seeking to put the real Truth out of consciousness (the Jews who were trying to kill Paul).

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