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Metaphysical meaning of Kolaiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kolaiah (mbd)
Kolaiah, ko-la'-iah (Heb.)--voice of Jehovah; listen to Jehovah; hearken to Jah; proclaim Jehovah.

Two Israelites (Neh. 11:7; Jer. 29:21).

Meta. Spiritual inspiration with power to proclaim it (by means of the voice, ideas are expressed in audible words, and the seat of the voice--the throat--is the power center in man). The voice of Jehovah, however, is not an audible voice, but it signifies the power of spiritual inspiration, spiritual understanding, and knowing. Kolaiah also bespeaks the listening, obedient attitude of mind that is necessary to the receiving of spiritual inspiration.

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