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Metaphysical meaning of Kiriath-huzoth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kiriath-huzoth (mbd)
Kiriath-huzoth (A. V., Kirjath-huzoth), kir'-i-ath-hu'-zoth (Heb.)--city of divisions; city of streets; middle city; city of two parts.

A city of Moab, where Balak brought Balaam and offered up oxen and sheep as sacrifices, when he wanted Balaam to curse Israel (Num. 22:39).

Meta. Divided thoughts, thoughts of good and evil, God and self (city of divisions, city of two parts), expressing in and through the psychic realm in individual consciousness (middle city, that which exists between the inner and the outer), that the carnal mind (Moab) would have one believe to be ways of Spirit. Thus the carnal mind would defeat the purpose of the real, true thoughts of the consciousness (Israelites), would bring the individual into deep trouble and confusion, and would perpetuate its own sensate activities.

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