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Metaphysical meaning of Keren-happuch (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Keren-happuch (mbd)
Keren-happuch, ker'-en-hap'-puch (Heb.)--radiations of color; prismatic radiations; horn of beauty; horn for paint; paint horn; cosmetic box.

Youngest daughter of Job; she was born to him after his possessions had been restored to him twofold (Job 42:14).

Meta. The elevating power of light, of spiritual beauty, of Truth, a beautiful soul, expressed in a beautiful character, also a beautiful exterior--beauty of face and form. (Keren-happuch means radiations of color, prismatic radiations, horn of beauty; a horn, while primarily an indication of defense, is used in the East as a token of eminence and high rank; it is symbolic of power, glory, dominion, authority, exaltation. Thus horn of beauty would signify the exalting power of beauty.) The daughters of Job represent the soul, or the feminine aspect of the individual character when it has passed through the Job experience and has come out refined and established in the true Christ righteousness; the thought of paint and cosmetic box, in the definitions of Keren-happuch that point to an outer or seemingly artificial beauty, is a very materialized aspect of the true meaning of the word.

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