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Metaphysical meaning of Kedar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kedar (mbd)
Kedar, ke'-där (Heb.)--turbid; dirty; dusky; dark-colored; dark-skinned; obscured; overcast; black; mournful; sorrowful.

Son of Ishmael, and the name of an Arabian tribe that he founded (Gen. 25:13; Ezek. 27:21; see also Psalms 120:5, and Song of Sol. 1:5).

Meta. A confused, unsettled, disturbed, obscure thought, yet one with a degree of power that belongs to the outer or sense phase of consciousness in man. This concept is darkened by materiality, yet for a time it brings forth substance. (From the Bible references to Kedar we gather that the tribe must have been both wealthy and powerful, though its downfall was prophesied. Only that which is of joy, gladness, and clearness of vision, that which is of God, that which is consciously founded in Spirit, will stand the test, will abide.)

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