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Metaphysical meaning of Kattath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kattath (mbd)
Kattath, kat'-tath (Heb.)--cut off; made smaller; reduced; small; smallness; little; littleness; very small; insignificant.

A border city of Zebulun (Josh, 19:15). In Judges 1:30 it is called Kitron. Kattath is thought to be the same place as Kartah of Joshua 21:34.

Meta. The idea expressed in Kattath is that of cutting off, lessening, reducing to exceeding smallness and insignificance (cut off, made smaller, very small, insignificant). This no doubt refers to putting away error, the limitations of sense thought and belief. Kattath was a border city of Zebulun. The Zebulunites failed to drive out the Canaanitish inhabitants, but reduced them to slavery, made them "subject to taskwork" (Judg. 1:30)

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