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Metaphysical meaning of Julius (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Julius (mbd)
Julius, ju'-li-us (Lat.)--soft-haired; downy; curly; frizzled.

A centurion of the Augustan band, who had charge of Paul when he was taken as a prisoner to Rome; Julius treated Paul kindly on the way (Acts 27:1, 3).

Meta. A centurion. captain over one hundred Roman soldiers, typifies a certain phase of the will. The soldiers here were of the "Augustan band." Augustus (venerable, sacred) signifies worship of the will that is ruling in selfishness and directed by human reason. The intellect is the god of the Augustus consciousness.

Julius (soft-haired, curly) was a centurion of the Augustan band; he conducted Paul as a prisoner to Rome, but treated him with consideration and kindness. He symbolizes the will directed by intellectual thought about the vital forces of the organism, yet lifted up and refined in degree by a perception, or comprehension, of Truth and its value in consciousness.

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