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Metaphysical meaning of Jorkeam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jorkeam (mbd)
Jorkeam (A. V., Jorkoam), jôr'-ke-am (Heb.)--the people is spread abroad; scattering of the people; spreading out of the people; verdure of the people; green fields of the people.

Either a descendant of Caleb's or a place in Palestine that was founded by Raham, one of Caleb's descendants (I Chron. 2:44).

Meta. Jorkeam (spreading out of the people, the people is spread abroad) signifies the expanding of the faith-and-praise consciousness in us (Jorkeam was a descendant of Caleb, who signifies spiritual faith and enthusiasm, of the tribe of Judah, which signifies praise). This expansion is brought about by spreading praise and faith thoughts (people) throughout a greater area, or realm, of the consciousness, where they become as a leaven of Truth that continues its work until the entire consciousness will in time become awakened to enthusiasm over the true things of Spirit. This leads to abundant substance, supply, spiritual food, and the true Christ freedom (green fields of the people; this makes one think of the 23d Psalm).

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