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Metaphysical meaning of Joiarib (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Joiarib (mbd)
Joiarib, joi'-a-rib (Heb.)--whom Jehovah defends; Jah will contend; for whom Jehovah pleads; Jehovah will increase; Jah will multiply.

A teacher ("one who had understanding," margin) whom Ezra sent for while encamped by the river Ahava, that he might accompany him, and those with him, on their journey from Babylon to Jerusalem (Ezra 8:16). (See Nehemiah 11:5, 10; 12:19.) Joiarib is short for Jehoiarib.

Meta. Like Jehoiarib, an inner realization of God, through Christ, Jehovah, I AM, as our protection and defense; also an idea of spiritual increase (Jehovah will increase, Jah will multiply).

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