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Metaphysical meaning of Jeush (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jeush (mbd)
Jeush (in A. V., I Chronicles 8:39, Jehush), je'-ush (Heb.)--to whom He (God) hastens; he will urge; he will make haste; he will collect; he will assemble; he will bring together.

a Son of Esau by his wife Oholibamah (Gen. 36:5). b Son of Bilhan, a Benjamite (I Chron. 7:10). c son of Shimei of the Gershonite Levites (I Chron. ''3:10). d A son of Rehoboam, Solomon's son (II Chron. 11:19).

Meta. Strong, unifying, attracting, accumulating thoughts in consciousness (he will collect, he will assemble, he will bring together). The thought of Cod, in the meaning of this name, to whom He (God) hastens, he will make haste, with the idea of bringing together, bespeaks the final lifting up and unifying of the entire man in spiritual life and wholeness.

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