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Metaphysical meaning of Jehovah-shammah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jehovah-shammah (mbd)
Jehovah-shammah, je-ho'-vah-shammah (Heb.)--Jehovah is there- Jehovah is high; Jehovah designates; Jehovah is the great name.

The name of the city that Ezekiel saw in his vision; in the text it is called "Jehovah is there," and in the margin, "Jehovah-shammah" (Ezek. 48:35).

Meta. The realization, by the perfected individual, of the I AM presence throughout his faculties and powers, throughout his consciousness and organism. The twelve tribes of Israel (our real and true thoughts and activities) shall then have been lifted up into complete possession of the land (the body).

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