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Metaphysical meaning of Attai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Attai (mbd)
Attai, at'-tai (Heb.)--timely; opportune; seasonable; fit; in time; ready; my time.

The name of three different Israelitish men (I Chron. 2:35: 12:11: II Chron. 11:20). Meta. Attai symbolizes what the meanings of the name infer--that there is an opportune or seasonable time for all fruition of thought. This time has no reference to man's outer way of counting time in minutes, hours, days, and so forth. It refers to certain steps in consciousness that must be taken in order to bring about the expression and demonstration of that which is being held in mind. The time is always ready; the hour of fulfillment is in the keeping of the individual himself (my time), since demonstrations are always made just as soon as the necessary conditions are met by the individual.

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