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Metaphysical meaning of Jabesh (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jabesh (mbd)
Jabesh, ja'-besh (Heb.)--hot; glowing; dry; arid; parched; destitute of vitality; disappointment; shame; disgrace.

a Father of the Shallum who conspired against, and killed, Zechariah (the son of Jeroboam and king of Israel) and reigned as king in his stead (II Kings 15:10). b A name for Jabesh-gilead, a city of Israel (I Sam. 11:1-10).

Meta. The individual's realization of the barrenness, joylessness, lifelessness, confusion, and shame that result from the will's ruling in idolatry and carnality instead of directing the activities of the organism according to the law of life and Truth (Jeroboam and his son Zechariah were two very wicked kings of Israel, and kings pertain to the will, the ruling faculty in man). This realization (Jabesh) begets Shallum, retribution, recompenser, who destroys the wicked rule of the will (kills Zechariah), and takes the governing power to himself. (See SHALLUM.)

See JABESH--(GILEAD for the significance of the city of Jabesh.

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