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Metaphysical meaning of Ituraea (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ituraea (mbd)
Ituraea, it-u-ræ'-å (Gk. fr. Heb.)--land of Jetur. See JETUR.

A province in the Northeast of Palestine, its name having been derived from Jetur, a son of Ishmael. Philip, brother of Herod, was tetrarch of this place when John the Baptist was preaching in Judea (Luke 3:1).

Meta. A state of consciousness, or group of thoughts, with its activities that is of the Jetur character. (See JETUR.) It has high ideals but limits them in their growth and expression by encircling or inclosing them with narrow-minded rules and regulations. According to the belief of the sense mind in us, our high ideals should be well guarded, since, if too much freedom is given them to grow and express, we might become somewhat "queer" in the eyes of the world.

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