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Metaphysical meaning of Tetrarch (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tetrarch (mbd)
Tetrarch, te'-trärch (Gk.)--ruler of the fourth; chief of the fourth part.

A Roman governor or ruler of the fourth part of a kingdom (Matt. 14:1).

Meta. A tetrarch (ruler of the fourth part, and referring here to a Roman governor) indicates the very carnal thought that guides and directs the outer, manifest man, or body of man in its seemingly physical, corruptible state.

The first three steps in bringing forth are purely spiritual--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or, mind, idea, and expression--but the fourth step, the outer manifestation, becomes very physical and material, apparently, whenever material thoughts and beliefs are given first place in the body-building consciousness of the individual.

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