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Metaphysical meaning of Horonaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Horonaim (mbd)
Horonaim, hor-o-na'-im (Heb.)--double caves; two caves; outbursts of anger; ragings.

A place mentioned by both Isaiah and Jeremiah in their prophecies of the destruction of Moab (Isa. 15:5). "The sound of a cry from Horonaim, desolation and great destruction !... for at the descent of Horonaim they have heard the distress of the cry of destruction" (Jer. 48:3, 5).

Meta. Subconscious errors that are a part of the carnal mind. Great seeming distress and commotion often arise when these errors are being brought to the surface and denied away. At such a time a forsaken, desolate feeling sometimes takes hold of one, until the light of Truth fills in the seeming vacuum with renewed joy, thanksgiving, substance, and strength. (Moab here signifies the carnal mind, and when the individual enters into the overcoming life the carnal mind must be cast out, destroyed. See MOAB.)

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