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Metaphysical meaning of Horeb (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Horeb (mbd)
Horeb, ho'-reb (Heb.)-- dryness; drought; heat; waste; desolation; desert; barren; solitude.

A mountain or range of mountains that is mentioned many times in Scripture. It is called "the mountain of God" and is identical with Sinai (see Exodus 3:1; 17:6; Deuteronomy 4:15; 5:2; Kings 19:8).

Meta. A state of high spiritual realization that we may attain by affirming the power and presence of the one inner, divine sustenance and nourishment. It is a high place in consciousness where we come into conscious union with the divine. (See REPHIDIM, also Exodus 17.) Solitude, as a meaning of Horeb, signifies that we have to go into the solitude of the inner mind and lead our flock of thoughts to the back of the wilderness, where dwells the Exalted One, the divine I AM, whose kingdom is good judgment. (See Exodus 3, and JETHRO.)

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