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Metaphysical meaning of Jethro (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jethro (mbd)
Jethro, je'-thro (Heb.)--his abundance; his superiority; his preeminence; his excellence; his cords, i. e., nerves and tendons.

Priest of Midian, and father-in-law of Moses (Exod. 3:1). He is called Jether in the margin of Exod. 4:18. See also Exod. 18:1-12.

Meta. Jethro means his excellence, his superiority, his abundance. Midian means judgment, and Horeb, solitude.The metaphysical interpretation of Exod. 3:1 is that we have to go into the solitude of the inner and lead our flock of thoughts to the back of the wilderness, where dwells the exalted One, the divine I AM, whose kingdom is good judgment. There we are in training forty years, or until we arrive at a four-sided or balanced state of mind.

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