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Metaphysical meaning of Hierapolis (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hierapolis (mbd)
Hierapolis, hi-e-rap'-o-lis (Gk.)--mighty city; sacred city; consecrated city; holy city.

A city of Phrygia, five or six miles north of Laodicea (Col. 4:13). Fallows says that Hierapolis was celebrated for, and probably looked upon as being sacred (holy city) because of, its very remarkable springs of mineral water, with the singular effects that these springs produced in the formation of stalactites and incrustations from their deposits.

Meta. The view, held by the natural man in his religious ideals, that life and substance are sacred. This permits true Christ ideals to gain an entrance into this state of consciousness (there was a Christian church established very early at Hierapolis, and Epaphras labored there: the loving message of the Christ was minister to this group of spiritually awakened thoughts).

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