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Metaphysical meaning of Helkath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Helkath (mbd)
Helkath, hel'-kath (Heb.)--smoothness; lot; portion; division; possession; territory; field.

A border city of Asher (Josh. 19:25). It was given over to the "children of Gershon, of the family of the Levites" (Josh 21:31).

Meta. Conscious possession of substance (field signifying substance). Asher also pertains to the happiness associated with spiritual understanding and substance, but the Asher consciousness as symbolized in the city of Helkath lays hold of only a portion of the omnipresent, universal supply or spiritual substance. In its outer expression and manifestation we have our part in the divine inheritance; yet we must know that all of Truth is at the disposal of every individual. The beauty of understanding the spiritual idea back of every expression and manifestation of the God qualities is that this understanding reveals to one how every individual may constantly use the fullness of God in every way and yet take nothing from Principle and nothing from any other individual, just as one using the principle of mathematics or of music could not possibly deplete these principles or in any way hinder another from having access to them. Thus "all" that the Father is and has is our inheritance.

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