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Metaphysical meaning of Hauran (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hauran (mbd)
Hauran, hau'-ran (Heb.)--holed; caved; cave land; black hole; filthy prison; by contrast: enlightened; whiteness; fineness; purity; nobility; freedom; liberty.

A place on the northeast border of the Promised Land (Ezek. 47:16).

Meta. A state of consciousness in man that belongs to the subconscious realm of mind, or has its root in and is sustained by the subconscious mind (holed, caved, cave land). It belongs to the seemingly mortal, material, limited, impure, and obscure (black hole, filthy prison), though it is close to the high place in consciousness that Gilead stands for (Ezekiel mentions Hauran with Gilead, as well as with Damascus). By holding to the light of Truth that shines upon it from Gilead, this thought can be made free from the seemingly material and corruptible (liberty) and established in true spiritual understanding and purity (enlightened, whiteness).

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