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Metaphysical meaning of Harhas (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Harhas (mbd)
Harhas, här'-has (Heb.)--glitter; splendor; glow of confidence; want: poverty; privation.

Father of Tikvah and grandfather of Shallum, who was the husband of Huldah the prophetess (II Kings 22:14). In II Chronicles 34:22, Hasrah, thought to be the proper form of the name.

Meta. Zealously looking on the bright side of things; making a brilliant showing of light, truth, and bounty, in the face of seeming poverty and lack. By holding thus to the truth of one's being, and not giving way to appearances, one brings hope and strength (Tikvah, son of Harhas) into evidence. Then comes the compensation (Shallum, the grandson, means recompense).

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