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Metaphysical meaning of Hadrach (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hadrach (mbd)
Hadrach, ha'-drach (Heb.)--periodical returning; over and over again; sun's returning: place to which one returns, i.e., a chamber, especially an inner one.

A place in Syria, near Damascus (Zech. 9:1).

Meta. Man, in sense consciousness, moves in cycles. Over and over again (like the return of the sun, and of the seasons) he returns to, or goes through, almost precisely the same experiences. This is proved by history, which repeats itself. Each cycle may be on an almost imperceptibly higher plane than the preceding one. Thus very slowly man unfolds until he consciously touches the realm of spiritual inspiration and understanding. Then his progress becomes more rapid. Hadrach (periodical returning, over and over again, sun's returning) signifies this cyclic mode of development in the natural man. There is also, in that which Hadrach symbolizes, a thought of meditation, or prayer (place to which one returns, i.e., a chamber, especially an inner one), by means of which man's intellectual consciousness may receive spiritual inspiration and become awakened to true understanding.

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