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Metaphysical meaning of Hadadrimmon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hadadrimmon (mbd)
Hadadrimmon, ha-dad-r;m'-mon (Heb.)--Hadad of Rimmon; Hadad of the pomegranate; joy of the pomegranate; rending of the pomegranate; joyous fruitfulness.

A place in the valley of Megiddon where all Judah and Jerusalem mourned for King Josiah, who was slain in a battle with Neco, king of Egypt, in this valley (Zech. 12:11; see II Chron. 35: 20-26 also). Hadad and Rimmon are both names of Syrian deities.

Meta. Attributing joy, fruitfulness, abundance to the efforts of that which Hadad represents in man (see HADAD); or the putting away of true fruitfulness (rending of the pomegranate) from consciousness by ceasing to be loyal to spiritual Truth (Josiah, whose death was mourned at Hadadrimmon, is representative of loyalty to Truth) because of putting one's trust in and magnifying the outer or intellectual sense reasonings. (Syria pertains to the unawakened intellect, guided by the senses.)

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