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Metaphysical meaning of Gatam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gatam (mbd)
Gatam, ga'-tam (Heb.)--puny; thin; greatest fatigue; complete breath exhaustion; exhausted; burned field.

Son of Eliphaz the eldest son of Esau, and a chief (Gen. 36:11).

Meta. The result of a belief in sense man that his strength is entirely material and not spiritual (Eliphaz, father of Gatam, stands for an active thought of strength). Strength is from God, though that which Eliphaz signifies is of the physical consciousness and does not lay hold of the truth about strength. Meanings attributed to Gatam--puny, thin, greatest fatigue, exhausted, burned field clearly illustrate the outcome of believing in material strength. Until man realizes that his strength is spiritual, it cannot become abiding, unfailing, and enduring.

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