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Metaphysical meaning of Galeed (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Galeed (mbd)
Galeed, gal'-e-ed (Heb.)--massive witness; heap of witnesses; rock of time; great endurance.

The heap of stones that Jacob and Laban gathered for a witness between them when Jacob with his wives, children, and possessions left Laban to return to Esau and to Jacob's own country. This heap of stones was also called Mizpah, and Jegar-saha-dutha (Gen. 31:47).

Meta. Laban said "Jehovah watch between me and thee,' and "God is witness betwixt me and thee" (verses 49 and 50). Mizpah symbolizes the watchtower of prayer, and Galeed signifies the witness that Spirit within man bears to the Truth. By following the true Jehovah Spirit in ourselves we shall always deal justly with every phase of our consciousness and of our entire organism; also, with other persons.

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