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Metaphysical meaning of Delaiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Delaiah (mbd)
Delaiah, de-la'-iah (Heb.)--that which Jehovah has drawn, i.e., that it may be poured out; Jah has delivered; freed by Jehovah.

a A son of Elioenai, in descent from Solomon (I Chron. 3: 24). b A Levite who belonged in the priesthood (I Chron. 24: 18). c A man whose "children" were among the returned Jews who could not prove their lineage (Ezra 2:60). d The father of Shemaiah and son of Mehetabel (Neh. 6:10). e A Jewish man by this name is mentioned in Jeremiah 36:12.

Meta. Freedom of expression. The delivering, freeing Truth is given to man by Jehovah God; it comes from the depths of his being in response to his I AM declaration of his oneness with the Source of all understanding and power, that he may manifest it and radiate it freely to others.

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