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Metaphysical meaning of Cun (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Cun (mbd)
Cun (A.V., Chun), cun (Heb.)--stand upright; set up; found; firmly establish; form; prepare; create.

A Syrian city of Hadarezer, from which David took much brass that Solomon used later in building the Temple (I Chron. 18:8); in II Samuel 8:8, this city is called Berothai.

Meta. The building of divine life and substance into consciousness, preparatory to the establishment (form, prepare, firmly establish) of mind and body in enduring existence and perfection. The foundation for an immortal, incorruptible body structure is laid in an upright character (stand upright) and in an understanding and realization of the life and substance of one's being as spiritual, unchanging, eternal. Cun's passing into the hands of David signifies that one is coming into a better understanding of this truth. (See BEROTHAI.)

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