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Metaphysical meaning of Chimham (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chimham (mbd)
Chimham, ch;m'-ham (Heb.)--pining; longing; desiring greatly; pale; faint.

A servant of Barzillai's who went with David back to Jerusalem when David returned after Absalom was defeated and killed (II Sam. 19:37). (See Jer. 41:17.)

Meta. Barzillai represents physical strength, whose substance is used for the sustenance of love ruling in consciousness (David, the king). Chimham (pining longing), who went with David to Gilgal (Gilgal means rolling and refers to a total denial, or rolling away, of sense bondage), is the intense longing and aspiring of the individual to come into a more spiritual expression of strength, that a depletion of strength (pale, faint) may never be sensed. His great desire (desiring greatly) is that he may realize his strength as purely spiritual, and that it may be exercised only and always in love, to the upbuilding of his true, spiritual self. Through the ruling power of love (David) and the denying of all bondage to sense (going to Gilgal) this will be accomplished.

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