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Metaphysical meaning of Chinnereth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chinnereth (mbd)
Chinnereth, ch;n'-ne-reth (Heb.)--harp; lyre; harplike.

a A fortified city of Naphtali (Josh. 19:35). b A name that was given in olden times to the Lake of Gennesaret, or Sea of Galilee (Num. 34:11); the city of Chinnereth was situated by this lake.

Meta. A sea of vitality, of life activity, or of nervous energy, in individual consciousness. (See SEA OF GALILEE; also, GENNESARET.) The city of Chinnereth is an active life consciousness. The name Chinnereth also gives the thought of music, harmony, as well as of life activity (harp, lyre, harplike); it would therefore be an orderly, harmonious state of thought.

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