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Metaphysical meaning of Chephirah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chephirah (mbd)
Chephirah, che-phi'-rah (Heb.)--covered; overlaid; village; hamlet.

A city of the Hivites, or Gibeonites. The men from this city were among those who deceived Joshua and the Israelites into making a covenant, contrary to the command of Jehovah (Josh. 9:17). The Hivites are said to have been of a peaceable character and were inclined to be tradesmen. Chephirah was allotted to Benjamin (Josh. 18:26); it is also mentioned in Ezra and Nehemiah as one of the cities of Palestine to which some inhabitants returned from the Babylonian captivity (Ezra 2: 25; Neh. 7: 29).

Meta. A subconscious realm of thought, of a lowly, common, deceptive nature (covered, overlaid, village, hamlet). It recognizes the superiority of the higher, truer, religious thoughts that the Israelites signify. By subtlety, and because of its willingness to exchange ideas (the Chephirahites were tradesmen), it induces the individual to compromise with error, which causes him much trouble in his overcoming. However, when the Chephirah phase of thought comes into the possession of the Benjamites, it becomes a harborer of higher faith ideals that work toward the individual's ultimate freedom from sense confusion (Babylon), and toward his full redemption.

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