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Metaphysical meaning of Chemarim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chemarim (mbd)
Chemarim (in A.V., Zeph. 1:4, Chemarims), chem'-a-rlm, (Heb.)--burners; scorchers; black-robed; blackeners; idol priests; ascetics; monks; priests.

Priests other than those of the true worship. Zephaniah says, speaking for Jehovah, "I will cut off...the name of the Chemarim with the priests" (Zeph. 1:4). In II Kings 23:5 "idolatrous priests" is given in the text, and "Chemarim" in the margin. See Hosea 10:5, also, with margin.

Meta. The priests of the Old Testament symbolize our natural religious tendencies; they are not necessarily spiritual. The Chemarim (idolatrous priests) are the ruling thoughts in our religious nature that pass under the guise of Truth but that ever magnify, build up, and strengthen the material and personal in us rather than the spiritual. Isaiah 5:20 describes them: "Woe unto them that call evil good,...that put darkness for light"; they must be uncovered and put away out of consciousness.

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