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Metaphysical meaning of Cauda (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Cauda (mbd)
Cauda (A. V., Clauda), cau'-då (Gk.) --broken; lame; lamentable.

A small island near Crete, which is named in the account of Paul's very hazardous trip across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy, whence he was taken to appear before CÆsar at Rome (Acts 27:16).

Meta. Sorrow (lamentable, broken, lame) because of the errors of the carnal consciousness (Crete--carnal, fleshly), but mostly because of the inharmonious experiences that these errors have brought upon one. While it is helpful to be sorry for one's error, this alone will not really save one. There must be a complete turning away from sin in both thought and act, and a positive thinking and doing of that which measures up to the Christ standard of right.

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